A Great (Divide) Urban Meetup!

Thank you to everyone, CNU members and friends of CNU, for joining us for a fun and lively Urban Meetup at Great Divide Brewing Co., located in Denver’s Arapahoe Square neighborhood.

One of the missions of CNU Colorado is to celebrate urbanism with folks who value places that are made for people.  Places that are walkable, bikable, connected, physically defined by public spaces, framed by architecture and landscape, and most importantly, lively with activity and people. We chose Great Divide for this reason.  Check out our photos from the event and like us on Facebook.  We hope you join us throughout the year at our CNU Colorado Urban Meetups!

Photos by Mafalda Melo Santos
Event held March 28, 2012, 5-7pm, Great Divide, 2201 Arapahoe Street, Denver, CO

Fernando Pages, CNU Colorado Board member

Cheney Brooke Bostic, CNU Colorado Board member and Steve Chester, CNU member
Mike Copeland, CNU Colorado Board member
JR Ronczy and Carol Sperat, friends of CNU, with Hoyt Cousins
Nate Holler and Jenn Hughes, friends of CNU

Hoyt Cousins, CNU Colorado Board member
Michelle Pyle, CNU Colorado Board member

Patrick McLaughlin, friend of CNU
Abe Barge, friend of CNU
Rachel Quinn, friend of CNU

John Lanterman, friend of CNU

One Comment Add yours

  1. Paulo Santos says:

    Love the concept and idea…. pictures are great.

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