Message from CNU Colorado President

Korkut Onaran
President, CNU Colorado
Principal, Pel-Ona Architects and Urbanists

The year 2011 has been challenging for all of us. A stagnant building market coupled with high levels of unemployment, especially in construction related sectors, has forced us to ask some serious questions about the future of planning and design. Some of the large design firms closed their doors and some smaller firms started to look for new ways to define the future. The stagnant building market urged us to ask questions about the future of urban development as well. In the face of an obscure financial future, creating sustainable lifestyles becomes ever more crucial, and I believe good urbanism is one of the most effective and direct ways to achieve sustainability. How can urbanism provide sustainability? What is good urbanism? These are the questions that we, as CNU Colorado, are asking and hoping to find answers to through a forum of innovative thinkers. This means your support is as important as it has ever been.
Last year, CNU Colorado was not immune to the turmoil we observed in the urban development scene. Even though we organized two panel presentations and conducted a full-day conference and workshop titled Smart Growth in Small Town and Rural Communities, last year was not a good year for CNU Colorado. We observed a significant decrease in membership. We were not active in publishing The Colorado Urbanist. Furthermore, some valuable members of our Board of Directors left the board at the end of the year. In the name of CNU Colorado, I express my gratitude to all of the former board members for their valuable contributions. They are: Sean O’Hara, Melissa Nelson Rummel, David Gross, Cynthia Patton, Gary Taipalus, Kevin Handley, Jeff Winston, and Peter Park.
However, after the low-energy ending of 2011, we have started the year 2012 with refreshed motivation and stronger dedication. We have recruited four new members to our board (view the list of current board members) and created a strong schedule of events for the year. We were particularly excited to host Steve Mouzon on April 9, 2012 for a presentation in Denver. We have also decided to publish The Colorado Urbanist annually and to depend on our web page for more frequently updated media outreach. As always, we appreciate your support.

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