CNU in the City


Wednesday, February 27th
An evening with CNU CEO John Norquist and special guest Jeff Tumlin!  

How can infrastructure add value to our cities and towns?  Let’s talk about it.

Thank you for joining us for a discussion about CNU’s strategic initiatives involving infrastructure.  How can infrastructure add value?  How can it improve economic, environmental and social outcomes?  How can it be green, inexpensive, resilient, appropriate to location and enhance public health?  These are the questions CNU has been tackling and has made a key component of their 2012-2017 Strategic Plan.  Learn more about national efforts to turn highways into multimodal boulevards.  CNU is leading a national initiative in transforming highways into multi-modal boulevards that add value and restore urban neighborhoods.  They’ve documented model cities and have a campaign for freeways without futures.  Hear from John Norquist about CNU’s initiative and learn from his experience as Mayor leading Milwaukee’s freeway teardown.  “It is an ideal time to offer less expensive, urban alternatives to the reconstruction of urban expressways.”  – CNU

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